Latest Publications


"Ticket to Heaven - Admit One" - a new booklet by Rev.Greg Knight. It covers How to know Jesus, the Holy Spirit, How to Receive Healing, etc. 
Click here.

How to Meet Jesus


80% of People asked said that if there was a way to know God personally, they would want someone to tell them. There is! Click here.

How to Receive Healing


Sickness has never been God's will. Even under the Old Covenant, he provided healing & health for His people. Jesus demonstrated this when He walked the earth. With the New Covenant, God's healing grace increases! Click here.

Breakthrough Teaching


Gospel teaching to help Christians be more effective, get more results & go deeper in their walk with the Lord Jesus. Click here.

How To Be Filled with the Holy Spirit


It is the will of the Father that you should receive the Gift of the fullness of God, through the Baptism in the Holy Spirit. Click here.



If you are in difficulties of various kinds, we can point you to some free resources than may help you. Click here.

Rescue Ministries Evangelism - a Christian Outreach 

Rescue Ministries Evangelism Ltd. is a Non-Profit Christian Company. We exist to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ world-wide. 

Who Are We?

Rescue Ministries Evangelism is committed to preaching, and supporting the preaching, of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, world-wide. It is our goal to obey the Great Commission of Matthew 28:18.  We are a Christian Ministry, we believe the Bible, and are in agreement with the Statement of Faith of the Evangelical Alliance. Read here for more information. 

Our Vision

Rescue Ministries Evangelism is not just about converting the lost, but also has a call to minister to Christians, to Evangelists & Pastors, and to Israel. Read about the five aspects of our vision here.