Partner Letters

A collection of ministry letters and articles written for our partners.

Does God want to provide for us, or must we provide for ourselves?

In this exciting bible partner letter, Rev. Greg Knight teaches us God's plan for our provision, and how some of us miss it, ending up in shortage.  

TOTAL RECOVERY - How to Fight the Battle

If you are going to be like David, and "Recover All", you will have to do some spiritual warfare. The enemy won't just roll over and play dead, just because you are determined to get back what has been stolen. So what weapons should you use in this battle?

TOTAL RECOVERY - It Starts with a Plan

Have you or a loved one experienced loss? Have you lost a job, assets, a home, your family, your health? God has only one answer - TOTAL RECOVERY. Read about what God told David to do when he had lost his family, his home, and all his property.

Living the GOOD LIFE

In Isaiah 55:1, we have an open invitation to receive the Good Life - the life of plenty - the satisfying life. The invitation is open to all. There are no pre-qualifications.