Breakthrough Teaching

These messages are designed to help believers receive God's Breakthroughs in their lives. The videos can be viewed by clicking on the title. Alternatively, a DVD copy of each message can be ordered from the online shop. (Please note that where the videos have been hosted on external sites such as YouTube, we are not responsible for any other content on those sites.)

Does God want to provide for us, or must we provide for ourselves?

An article by Rev. Greg Knight in the Partner Letter section, describing how to tie up with the provision of God for our lives. 

Listen to dynamic teaching on this subject (The Plan and the Provision) given at Poole Christian Fellowship. (mp3) 

Total Recovery (Video - English & French)

Jesus says in the parable of Mat 13:24-30, "... an enemy has done this...". Some problems in life might be our fault, but some are difficulties that have been brought by our enemy the devil, as he attempts to hinder our Christian lives. These difficulties may include sickness, abuse, divorce, addiction, loss of goods or money, neglect, unemployment, hopelessness, loneliness, debts, etc. Join Rev.Greg Knight in Nice, France, as he teaches on the Biblical steps to getting back everything that Satan has stolen.

Hope + Faith + Prayer = Breakthrough (Video)

Hope is like the blueprint for a dream, Faith is the substance of the dream, and Prayer will change things to bring the dream to pass. Join Rev.Greg Knight at Water's Edge Elim Pentecostal church in Poole, UK as he ministers encouragement for those seeking breakthroughs and answers to prayer.

Manifesting God's Provision

Statistics show that over 80% of the prayer requests for some ministries are regarding believers' finances. Why do believers & many ministries experience financial shortages, and what can be done to fix this?

Identifying the Real Battle...

This message is help for those engaged in a desperate financial battle. What are the key issues? Is it about money, or is this an attack on your faith?

Dealing with Hindrances

Is it possible for the devil to hinder us in carrying out the will of God, and if so, is there anything we can do to stop him?

How to Turbo-charge Your Most Urgent Prayers (Video)

God answers prayer, but sometimes, our most urgent prayers take too long to get answered. These notes & video introduce a biblical method, to quickly move the hand of God on your behalf. Join Rev.Greg & Pat as they minister this message in Minneapolis, USA.

The Importance of Blessing Israel (Video)

In Romans chapter 11, the apostle Paul addresses New Testament roles of Israel and the church. Understanding the special place that Israel holds today, and blessing Israel, is a vital part of the role of the Christian church. Honouring this commission brings blessing, but failing this commission brings decrease, as Rev.Greg Knight describes in this short testimony at Living Word Christian Center, USA, recorded after a trip to Israel.