Our Vision

Ministry to Christians

Ministering Breakthrough
Marriage Improvement Seminars
Ministry to Singles
Ministry to those in Business
Life Balance for Women
Vacation Bible School

Rescue Ministries Evangelistic Outreach

Ministering the Full Gospel & Healing for God’s Glory
Supporting Local Churches
Hall Missions & Street Evangelism
International Revival Tent Crusades
Prison Ministry

Rescue Mission Churches & Training Centres

For Evangelists, Pastors and Other Ministers
Teach & Train
Equip & Send Out

Rescue Support Network for Evangelists & Pastors

Spiritual Support Network for Evangelists, Pastors, & Other Ministers
Prayer Fellowship
Involvement (going)
Evangelists’ Convention
Freedom of Ministry
Context for Ministry (Credentials)

Support for the Nation of Israel

Non-conversionary support for God’s Covenant People
Political Support through Lobbying
Economic Support through Business
Social Support